TOP 5 TIPS from Hailey Peters on how to STAY MOTIVATED even in pregnancy

Facing difficulty making yourself work out? We’ve ALL been there.
Pushing yourself to the limits and getting nothing in return doesn’t seem alluring, right? What about giving yourself a treat? A reward?

‘Instead of focusing on your weight loss, focus on your health’ - Hailey Peters, @happyhealthyhailey, a young mom, wife, and weight loser (-65lbs at home). 

#1. Wear a new pair of leggings and a perfectly fitting top – it’ll make all the difference‘

These are by far my new favorite fitting items to workout in with my growing belly and breasts! 🙃🙌🏻
I loved their items [EQYL’s] before but these are my favorite of theirs so far!’

#2. Indulge in a lazy morning routine - don’t scold yourself for a lazy coffee in bed

‘What a PERFECT way to start this beautiful Saturday! 
We slept in, had our morning beverages in bed while diving into my bible study, then I pressed play to my boxing workout wrapping up week 4 of this program’.

#3. Write down the changes to see your physical and mental transformation - praise yourself and thank your body for what it does

‘It’s amazing how a workout, fueling my body with nutrient dense foods, and increasing water intake changes my entire day around. More energy, clearer skin, positive thoughts, confidence, less body pains and doctor visits, and relationships with my loved one improved.’

#4. Make sure your ambience motivates you-don’t force yourself to work out in a dark uninviting basement – it’s the joy killer

‘Alright friends. If you’ve been watching my stories you’ve seen that Tyson has been working on my gym in our basement! So hopefully in a month or so I have a new workout area and I’m super excited about this new gym space 🤗On one of the walls I’m going to frame some good motivational/inspirational quotes. I already have one picked out (swipe over) because this is what always gets me up going and pushes me through hard workouts 😅 the after feeling is always the BEST!’

#5. Give yourself an occasional break from working out-get new emotions to come back to exercising with more energy. Hailey recommends a color run.

‘Aside from the rain, paint in my face, and being 29 weeks pregnant it was pretty fun 😅.I’m curious, Have you ever done a color run??’

As soon as you’ve tried these 5 tips, go back to Tip #1 – time for a new pair of motivational leggings ;) And remember you’re BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, and MOTIVATED in any weight and shape (Your EQYL)